Business Intelligence is defined as a software application used to analyze an organization’s raw data. In today’s business information is power. It’s difficult to make sense of all of our critical business information when we are buried under it.

The ability to see all of your critical information organized in one centralized location gives key decision makers quick access to analyze and share critical information helping them to better understand how the business is performing and enabling them to quickly react to new opportunities and threats that arise.

PRECISION Business Intelligence (BI) unifies data from our Transportation Management System (TMS) and Package Exception Management (PEM) with multiple sources in your company to provide a centralized location for all of your critical information. It enables powerful reporting and allows your key decision makers to see how the business is performing overall, and pinpoint challenges and deficiencies across all logistical units in the company.

Key Features of PRECISION Business Intelligence:

  • Data Warehouse Designer allows data consolidation, optimization, multi-currency consolidation, continuous support for database maintenance tasks and impact analysis and a single repository for any needed transformation logic.
  • BI Application integrated with PRECISION apps out of the box and organized to make data easy to access without complex database queries and programming resources.
  • BI Portal is a framework to design, deploy and use dashboards, reports and visualizations. The modular, component based approach makes it easy to create and re-use dashboard components and deploy the dashboards to the appropriate individuals in a secure manner. The PRECISION BI Portal can be accessed through a web browser or through a native application for the Apple iPad.

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