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How Multi Carrier Shipping Software Benefits Global Manufacturers

Manufacturers working from multiple sites around the world have complex logistics requirements. In the latest Precision Report we look at how multi carrier shipping software can help global manufacturers to standardize shipping procedures, control costs and meet customer expectations.

When a global enterprise works across different sites, regions and countries, logistics is no easy task. With multiple sites around the world, manufacturers may act and behave as though their enterprise is instead a variety of separate companies. At times, different sites can struggle to operate as part of a cohesive whole, as all of them rely on different guidelines.

Global manufacturing organizations almost always have complex shipping needs. To ensure on-time delivery and continued customer satisfaction, manufacturers need to track every carrier interaction. Customers will blame manufacturers for delays — especially if your customer’s customers are also left waiting for promised goods. If your customers repeatedly receive less than satisfactory service, many will seek alternative vendors.

Given this, it is no surprise that many manufacturers rely heavily on only a handful of trusted global carriers. However, there are benefits to leveraging local and regional carriers alongside global giants. These include different rates, routes and service levels as well as specialist capabilities. This can allow manufacturers to improve delivery times while still controlling transportation costs.

For global manufacturers, managing multiple carriers across different regions can become an overwhelming project. Regions such as Europe and Asia, for example, have dozens of carriers, each with their own set of rules and protocols. Plus, when your shipping data is spread across multiple carrier systems, having a true picture of carrier costs and performance becomes almost impossible to track. Although leveraging multiple carriers reduces costs, it is still a challenge to monitor and maintain all of these relationships.

You Cannot be Complacent About Compliance

As with any global industry, industrial manufacturing and shipping comes with its fair share of compliance issues. Global trade policies can change at a rapid pace. But complicated regulations are no excuse for compliance failures. It is imperative to ensure every shipment, carrier and customer adheres to global trade regulations. Trade compliance is a critical component of any global shipping operation.

Instead of spending hours of manual labor sifting through regulation reports, licensing agencies and other critical information, automated trade compliance tools can help logistics managers quickly streamline compliance workflows. Addressing compliance regulations through an integrated trade compliance and transportation solution ensures the same level of preparedness across all operations and helps speed up processing time.

The Benefits of Multi Carrier Shipping Software

Enterprises working from a number of sites can track every single stop on the logistics lifecycle with multi carrier shipping software. Multi carrier shipping software allows manufacturers to use the best carrier and service level for each delivery, as well as standardize shipping processes across multiple sites and regions.

Multi carrier shipping software also maximizes overall visibility and gives logistics managers insight into the exact status of shipments. This, in turn, helps increase customer satisfaction. With multi carrier and enterprise shipping solutions, logistics managers can easily keep tabs on multi carrier shipments from a single location that is accessible anywhere. Here we list a few of the benefits of multi carrier shipping software.


Instead of relying on a handful of carriers, logistics managers can quickly compare carriers in each country to see which ones have the lowest costs and most compelling service level offerings for specific jobs.


When your customer calls asking “Where’s my shipment?” you’re on the back foot. With a comprehensive multi carrier shipping solution logistics managers are no longer in the dark about shipment delays or issues. Managers can be instantly notified at every step of the transportation and shipping process, resulting in a more proactive strategy.

Efficiently managing shipments and logistics increases customer satisfaction and an organization’s reputation in the marketplace. Monitoring processes with real-time reports bolsters trust and reinforces customer relationships.


Global shipping involves a ton of customs documentation and export reporting. Multi carrier shipping solutions automate these documentation workflows to streamline the painstaking international shipping process.


Standardized shipping processes make it easier to manage carriers, control costs and organize critical paperwork (both online and offline) no matter how many sites or carriers you have.

With standardized, repeatable processes and integrated compliance management, all documentation and notifications are automated. This drastically reduces costs and frees up resources. Shipping managers can also create global shipment plans that accurately predict the total cost of each leg of a carrier journey, increasing transparency and visibility into overheads.

About QAD Precision – Trusted Global Trade and Transportation Execution

QAD Precision (Precision Software), a division of QAD Inc., provides industry-leading global trade management, transportation execution and multi carrier shipping software solutions from a single, integrated platform. Preeminent industry leaders in every region of the world rely on QAD Precision’s global support centers to leverage thousands of carriers and manage millions of shipping transactions every day. Our open architecture easily integrates with Enterprise Resource Planning, Warehouse Management Systems and legacy solutions. An ISO-certified company, QAD Precision assists companies to minimize shipping costs, optimize first mile and last mile deliveries, automate free trade agreement compliance, avoid customs delays and mitigate the risks associated with dynamic trading environments to maximize their competitive advantage. QAD Precision’s customers span multiple industries including banking and finance, life sciences, high technology, retail, industrial, automotive, higher education and public sector as well as logistics providers. For more information about QAD Precision, visit www.precisionsoftware.com.


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