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The Benefits for Global Trade Management Solutions for High Tech Manufacturers

High tech manufacturers must deliver exceptional customer service, along with innovative products. In this QAD Precision Report we look at how global trade management solutions can benefit high technology companies.

High tech companies in the manufacturing sector share some common ground with their technology industry counterparts: they never stop innovating. This is especially important in a vertical that is rather dependent on external factors and issues, such as third party logistics or customs departments. To keep business running smoothly and ensure constant innovation and customer satisfaction, high tech manufacturers must look for a holistic platform solution that proactively promotes a streamlined, innovative global trade management strategy.

When looking to meet, and exceed, customer expectations, high tech manufactures should look for solutions that address problems at the source, namely international shipping handoffs, customs agencies and third party logistics providers. Activating these solutions not only improves customer experiences, but increases revenue gains as well: Global trade management software can reduce transportation costs by up to 10 percent.

Why Global Trade Management Software Matters for High Tech Firms

Understanding, managing and streamlining international shipping processes can be time intensive for a manufacturer in any vertical, but for high tech companies, it can be especially taxing. High tech customers are especially aware of missed deadlines, less-than-exceptional customer service and cut corners because of the precision that’s required from the manufacturing floor all the way to the customer’s front door. High tech manufacturers can address all of these concerns and more with global trade management software. Global trade and export management solutions leverage detailed analytics and data to help users and executives make proactive, informed decisions that move the business forward. Here we list how global trade management solutions can assist high tech manufacturers.

Streamlining quality documentation

One of the biggest issues when it comes to high tech global trade compliance is lack of quality documentation and clear processes. Important information can often slip through the cracks, shipments can be stuck in limbo or critical workflows can be ignored. Global trade management takes the guesswork out of this documentation process by ensuring that every facet of shipment data is recorded and stored in a clear, consistent manner that is repeatable across customers, shipments and countries. Furthermore, the customers of high tech manufacturers may demand specific documents or receiving labels that are specific to their business and fundamental to their supply chain. This puts added pressure on the shipper to conform to these demands to ensure customer satisfaction. Streamlining this documentation process makes it possible for any stakeholder to access important logistic information from any location to ensure the correct action is taken.

Unfortunately, much of this process can take place outside of a manufacturer’s jurisdiction. This is why strict processes must be in place to ensure nothing stands in the way of a quality customer experience. Global trade management software makes it easy for high tech manufacturers to prepare for any roadblocks and proactively put workflows in place to backfill these external quality issues.

Keeping distribution in-house

To ensure that quality standards are met and there is minimal risk, high tech manufacturers often strive to handle all shipping logistics in-house without hiring out to a third party logistics provider or distributor. Keeping these processes in-house means manufacturers can make sure there is no room for errors or mishandling, and they can ultimately control the last touch point before the product arrives at the customer’s organization.

Instead of turning to a third party logistics provider, high tech manufacturers can implement a multi-carrier shipping system to help manage their logistics processes, cut costs and optimize distribution and shipping.

Making customs a breeze

For a majority of international manufacturers (high tech ones specifically), customs can be a constant headache with no clear cure. With all customs documentation in a single location, that can be easily located and updated when called for, high tech manufacturers can make sending shipments through customs a breeze. For innovative tech companies, shipments can’t be stuck in limbo between countries, especially when their products could be used in compromising situations. A uniform global trade compliance software solution makes it easy to streamline customs processes and securely store customs data for future reference.

By demonstrating to their local customs authorities that they are complying with export customs procedures, shippers can often receive simplified export procedures which means that they have less stringent checks to go through for each export. A critical component to having simplified procedures is having robust processes and systems in place.

Global Trade Management and Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

With global trade management and multi-carrier shipping workflows combined in a single platform, high tech manufacturers can manage the customer experience across every single touch point. From automated shipment rules to third party management to total cost calculations, high tech logistics managers can visualize every aspect of the shipment process from a single, user-friendly location and take action for maximum customer satisfaction.

Today’s customers require a “ship it back if not 100 percent satisfied” policy, so documentation processes can extend to returns as well, to ensure nothing gets stopped going or coming from a high tech manufacturer’s warehouse. With a clear, recorded customs process, high tech manufacturers can make customs workflows easy and streamlined. Customs law is so important, in fact, that over 69 percent of logistics decision makers agreed it was one of the biggest priorities in global trade management. For high tech manufacturers, staying innovative and on top of changing business rules is the name of the game. 

About QAD Precision – Trusted Global Trade and Transportation Execution

QAD Precision (Precision Software), a division of QAD Inc., provides industry-leading global trade managementtransportation execution and multi carrier shipping software solutions from a single, integrated platform. Preeminent industry leaders in every region of the world rely on QAD Precision’s global support centers to leverage thousands of carriers and manage millions of shipping transactions every day. Our open architecture easily integrates with Enterprise Resource Planning, Warehouse Management Systems and legacy solutions. An ISO-certified company, QAD Precision assists companies to minimize shipping costs, optimize first mile and last mile deliveries, automate free trade agreement compliance, avoid customs delays and mitigate the risks associated with dynamic trading environments to maximize their competitive advantage. QAD Precision’s customers span multiple industries including banking and finance, life sciences, high technology, retail, industrial, automotive, higher education and public sector as well as logistics providers. For more information about QAD Precision, visit www.precisionsoftware.com.


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