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Banking With Minimal Risk – The Relationship Between Transportation Execution and Financial Success

31 Jul 2019

Banks and financial institutions are high volume shippers. In this QAD Precision Report, we look at the relationship between transportation execution, customer satisfaction and financial success.

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Four Reasons Banks and Financial Institutions Need Desktop Shipping Solutions

29 May 2019

Banks ship many sensitive parcels every day. In this QAD Precision Report we discuss how desktop shipping can help banks provide excellent customer service and confidentiality, as well as remain compliant and control costs.

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Assessing and Mitigating Financial Supply Chain Risks

13 Feb 2019

All supply chain operations face risk. For banks and financial institutions the risk is even greater. In the latest Precision Report, we look at threats to the banking supply chain and the steps financial institutions can take to mitigate risk.

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Six Benefits of Desktop Shipping for Banks and Financial Institutions

12 Dec 2018

Banks and financial institutions ship sensitive data — and a lot of it. This means they must ensure shipments are secure, and delivered to the correct recipient. But they must also keep a check on shipping costs. In the latest Precision Report we look at how desktop shipping can help banks achieve this.

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13 Jun 2018

Political manoeuvring has created challenges for global trade operations. These include unclear UK/EU trade relations post-Brexit, fractious NAFTA negotiations, ongoing tariff spats and a potential trade war. Multinationals may not be able to do much about global trade uncertainties, but they can ensure their operations are optimized to navigate dynamic trading environments. In the latest Precision Report we look at automated global trade and multi carrier shipping solutions for multinational enterprises.

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