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Life Sciences Shipping: 5 Challenges and 5 Questions to Ask

24 Apr 2019

Increased parcel shipments to more destinations, complex regulations and specialist handling requirements makes life sciences shipping a challenge. In the latest QAD Precision report we look at five challenges of life sciences shipping and five questions to ask if you are considering software solutions.

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11 Aug 2017

For enterprise global shipping manufacturers, managing carrier logistics across sites, countries and carriers can quickly become an overwhelming project. With so many critical touch points on the line, it’s crucial to meticulously track every carrier interaction—even though many times these third-party issues are beyond the control of internal management.

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How Multi Carrier Shipping Software Benefits Global Manufacturers

20 Feb 2019

Manufacturers working from multiple sites around the world have complex logistics requirements. In the latest Precision Report we look at how multi carrier shipping software can help global manufacturers to standardize shipping procedures, control costs and meet customer expectations.

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How E-Commerce Impacts B2B Shipping

30 Jan 2019

The disruptive influence of e-commerce stretches far beyond retail. The demand for ever quicker delivery has prompted global enterprises across a variety of industries to reconfigure distribution channels and transportation strategies. In the latest Precision Report we look at the impact of e-commerce and how transportation execution can be a competitive advantage.

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Strategies to Mitigate Life Sciences Trade Compliance Risks

05 Dec 2018

For the heavily regulated life sciences industry, trade compliance is critical. Compliance delays can have serious impacts on patient outcomes as well as destroy trust in a life sciences company. In the latest Precision Report we look at how automating compliance can mitigate risk and streamline operational processes.

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