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How Global Trade Management Software Helps Optimize Retail Supply Chains

17 Jul 2019

Cross-border shopping is driving retail growth, but also creating complexity for retailers who, in the past, mainly worked with domestic customers. In this QAD Precision Report we look at the benefits of global trade management software for retailers.

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The Benefits for Global Trade Management Solutions for High Tech Manufacturers

04 Jun 2019

High tech manufacturers must deliver exceptional customer service, along with innovative products. In this QAD Precision Report we look at how global trade management solutions can benefit high technology companies.

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17 May 2018

Universities who share research materials and ship samples need export compliance controls. However, compliance alone is not enough. In the latest Precision Report we look at integrated shipping solutions for universities and how they drive efficiencies across research chains and educational institutions.

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Life Sciences Shipping: 5 Challenges and 5 Questions to Ask

24 Apr 2019

Increased parcel shipments to more destinations, complex regulations and specialist handling requirements makes life sciences shipping a challenge. In the latest QAD Precision report we look at five challenges of life sciences shipping and five questions to ask if you are considering software solutions.

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Shipping Challenges for On-Highway and Off-Highway Vehicle Manufacturers and OEMs

17 Oct 2018

E-commerce has changed the nature of B2B selling. From a delivery perspective,OEMs and makers of on-highway and off-highway vehicles face many of the same challenges as B2C companies. In the latest Precision Report we look at these shipping challenges and how manufacturers can optimize a product’s journey from factory floor to customer.

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