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5 Steps to Choosing Desktop Shipping Software for Banks

15 Jan 2020

Desktop shipping solutions help banks balance the opposing demands of delivering great customer service and controlling logistics costs. In this QAD Precision Report, we offer tips for choosing the right solution.

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[Join our Webinar] Shipping Logistics: Hidden Opportunities for the Financial & Banking Industry

10 Jan 2020

Shipping and logistics often represent a significant part of an enterprise’s overhead costs and a hidden source of potential improvement — more than many companies recognize.

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Reducing Risk in the Global Financial Supply Chain

04 Dec 2019

Global supply chains are complex, and complexity is always accompanied by risk. In this QAD Precision Report we examine threats in financial logistics.

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Trade Compliance Challenges for Banks and Financial Institutions

09 Oct 2019

Financial institutions must abide by a complex web of international trade compliance and anti-money laundering regulations. In this QAD Precision Report we look at the challenges of compliance for banks.

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Banking With Minimal Risk – The Relationship Between Transportation Execution and Financial Success

31 Jul 2019

Banks and financial institutions are high volume shippers. In this QAD Precision Report, we look at the relationship between transportation execution, customer satisfaction and financial success.

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