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 US Regulations on Importing and Exporting Critical Goods

01 Apr 2020

Globally traded goods generally require a lot of paperwork. That’s true whether you are shipping clothing or critical items. In this QAD Precision Report, we will look at US regulations regarding the export and import of goods required to tackle the global Covid-19 pandemic.

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Manufacturers and Companies Respond to Fight Covid-19

25 Mar 2020

In this QAD Precision Report, we pay tribute to companies — and their workers — that are working to stop the spread of Covid-19 and ensure that medical staff have access to critical supplies.

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Carriers Respond to Covid-19

18 Mar 2020

Across the world, governments are tackling the coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak by putting measures in place to reduce potential exposure to the virus. In this QAD Precision Report, we look at how carriers are responding.

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The Benefits of Integrating Compliance and Multi Carrier Shipping Solutions

04 Mar 2020

Shifting geopolitical relationships creates challenges for enterprises that source and ship around the world. In this QAD Precision Report, we look at how integrating compliance and multi carrier shipping helps multinationals to navigate these challenges. 

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Coronavirus: How Global Trade and Transportation Solutions Help Mitigate Supply Chain Impacts of COVID-19 

26 Feb 2020

COVID-19 continues to disrupt the global supply chain. In this QAD Precision Report, Mark Gallivan looks at how automated trade and transportation solutions can help enterprises respond to sourcing challenges.

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