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How Universities and Public Institutions Can Control Parcel Shipping Costs

05 Feb 2020

Universities and public institutions ship high volumes of parcels, and need to contain and control transportation costs. In the latest QAD Precision Report we look at how universities and public sector bodies can leverage desktop shipping solutions to track and and manage parcel spend.

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The Importance of Compliance with Deemed Export Regulations

13 Nov 2019

Export regulations do not simply control the movement of goods, but can also apply to the sharing of information. In this QAD Precision Report we look at the “deemed export” laws of the United States and what these restrictions mean for manufacturers and universities.

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Higher Education, Intellectual Property and Export Controls

12 Jun 2019

Universities, like commercial enterprises, need systems to prevent the loss of intellectual property and compliance missteps. In this QAD Precision Report we look at how universities can address these critical issues.

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Five Benefits of Using Multiple Carriers

22 Aug 2018

Multi carrier shipping offers several advantages over a single carrier strategy. In this post, we’ll talk about five of those benefits.

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13 Jun 2018

Political manoeuvring has created challenges for global trade operations. These include unclear UK/EU trade relations post-Brexit, fractious NAFTA negotiations, ongoing tariff spats and a potential trade war. Multinationals may not be able to do much about global trade uncertainties, but they can ensure their operations are optimized to navigate dynamic trading environments. In the latest Precision Report we look at automated global trade and multi carrier shipping solutions for multinational enterprises.

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