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Three Trade Compliance Issues For High Tech Manufacturers

30 Oct 2019

Manufacturers of high tech products often face restrictions and controls if and when they ship goods across regions and countries. In this QAD Precision Report, we look at the three most pressing compliance issues for high tech enterprises.

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Six Reasons High Tech and Manufacturing Firms Need Denied Party Screening

11 Sep 2019

Certain industries deal with added complexity when shipping their products. In this QAD Precision Report we look at six reasons why high tech and industrial manufacturers need automated compliance screening.

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On The Road to Advanced Technology? Include a Stop at the QAD Labs

28 Aug 2019

In this week’s QAD Precision Report, Glenn Graney, Director of Industrial and High Tech at QAD looks at advanced technologies and how QAD Labs works with customers to discover how emerging technologies can deliver benefits and ROI.

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The Benefits for Global Trade Management Solutions for High Tech Manufacturers

04 Jun 2019

High tech manufacturers must deliver exceptional customer service, along with innovative products. In this QAD Precision Report we look at how global trade management solutions can benefit high technology companies.

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Global Trade is Complex: Isn’t It Time to Simplify?

15 May 2019

Global trade is complex, and getting more so — almost by the day. In the latest QAD Precision Report we look at the current state of world trade and how simplifying processes can benefit enterprises.

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