Strengthen Your Freight Contract Negotiations

Without having proper shipping, tracking and invoice data, shippers are at a disadvantage. The PRECISION solution consolidates all of the shipping data and provides insights into critical key performance indicators. For example, on time versus late deliveries and contract versus billed rates.

Gain Insight for Decision Making

Improvement requires measurement. Every enterprise seeks ways to improve efficiency and lower operating costs. Often, the logistics organization is in the back of the queue for analytical capabilities. PRECISION provides a prebuilt portfolio of dashboards with common industry key performance indicators. If you already have a business intelligence or reporting standard, we can easily integrate to leverage your current investment.

Leverage Analytics for Operational Visibility and Internal Collaboration

Silo-based information is an obstacle to rapidly gain access to a single version of the truth. PRECISION provides access to daily transactional data to immediately address operational issues and aggregated historical data to capture trends over time.