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Achieve your project goals on time and under budget.

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Deploy And Maintain An Enterprise-Wide Global Trade And Transportation Execution Standard


Successful software deployments require experienced, knowledgeable consultants that understand and can manage the complete project. Furthermore, balancing regional, departmental and enterprise requirements is critical in achieving your project goals. QAD Precision PMI Certified Consultants will facilitate orderly change across your enterprise. We will proactively manage the budget, timeline, deliverables and adhere to project governance.

QAD Precision consultants have extensive industry expertise in large-scale software implementation projects across multiple sites, countries and regions. On average, our consultants have a minimum of ten years of service at QAD Precision. We work according to proven best practices and have unmatched implementation capabilities that ensure on-time deployment, fast ROI and maximum long-term benefit from QAD Precision solutions. In addition, our team offers unrivalled knowledge of global trade management, international trade compliance and transportation management.

Our consultants conduct regular health checks for all QAD Precision clients. As your business needs changes, we ensure that you have the optimal QAD Precision solution for your enterprise. In this way, QAD Precision's consultants helps companies achieve both a rapid time-to-benefit as well as a superior ownership experience over the long term.

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Leverage A Global Team Of Consultants


With consultants in every region of the world, QAD Precision can orchestrate consistent global rollout projects working with our customers and combinations of QAD Precision partners to meet customer’s goals — anywhere. Our experienced consultants provide global coverage along with local expertise to help companies get the most from their QAD Precision investment.

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Success Through Collaboration


At QAD Precision, our goal is simple: to help our customers succeed through collaboration. Through discovery, onboarding and intelligence gathering, we work to employ industry-specific best practices for all of our customers. For your business to succeed, it’s more than just the process; success begins with your people and a winning culture. QAD Precision focuses on cultivating a true partnership with your organization to ensure your company takes full advantage of the solutions we offer to exceed your business goals around the world.

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Understanding Your Goals


The first step in any process is understanding your company’s requirements and goals. In consultation with you, QAD Precision talks through your strategy and begins mapping out a solution. Next our consultants will examine your systems and how they communicate with one another as well as map ERP systems and APIs.

After this, you will receive a detailed project roadmap that will walk you through a series of custom-tailored solutions based on your company’s needs. This roadmap will include an overview of the project summary, options for deployment, the types of technology we use, information on implementation, support overview, summary of investment and a recommendation for next steps. At QAD Precision, we take pride in personalizing solutions to support your organization and each project proposal is unique to your company based on the individual consultation. Your vision is our vision.

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Why QAD Precision?


QAD Precision is used by high volume, high value and time-sensitive global shippers. QAD Precision's customers span multiple industries including banking and finance, life sciences, high technology, retail, industrial, automotive, higher education and public sector as well as logistics providers.

To find out how QAD Precision can streamline global trade and transportation execution across your organization, schedule a consultation today.

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