Deploy An Enterprise Standard Solution with Complete User Adoption

Balancing the needs of the enterprise, such as, cost control, limiting the use of premium services, providing last mile visibility and proof of delivery while simplifying the individual user experience is a critical success factor. PRECISION provides an intuitive “walk-up” user interface and allows the corporate logistics team to establish corporate wide controls.

Control Shipping Spend with Service Level Selection

Carrier websites do not advise users when a lower cost service is available, which results in increased shipping costs. By leveraging PRECISION’s routing guide technology, the user is provided with service level options that adhere to corporate shipping directives.

Manage by Exception; Visibility is Not Enough

With hundreds, even thousands, of corporate wide shipments, managing the details of each shipment down to the last mile seems virtually impossible. PRECISION automatically processes incoming carrier status messages, flags at risk shipments and alerts the appropriate personnel to take action. This provides the ability to proactively manage shipments that may be damaged, lost, held in customs or otherwise delayed.