Automatically Reconcile Your Shipping Invoices

To reduce overhead, more and more organizations have strategically decided to audit their freight invoices in house. PRECISION’s Freight Bill, Audit and Payment solution makes reconciling your shipping operations easy and efficient. Through smart automation, you will be directed to shipments that exceed your predetermined threshold to evaluate the parameters/conditions that drove the alert, for example package weight variance or unexpected assessorial fees.

Improve Your Position for Carrier Dispute Resolution

Information is power, yet sifting through a vast amount of shipping data is time consuming and costly. PRECISION allows you to focus your energy on issue resolution by providing directed access to specific transactional data. In addition, you have the flexibility to process multiple actions-driven by your contract strategy (self billing or carrier mandated).

Strengthen Your Freight Contract Negotiations

Without having proper shipping, tracking and invoice data, shippers are at a disadvantage. The PRECISION Solution consolidates all of the shipping data and provides insights into critical key performance indicators. For example, on time versus late deliveries and contract versus billed rates.