To keep up with today’s evolving industry, businesses require the flexibility to coordinate the physical flow of goods and must maintain updated customs information to optimize all aspects of international trade. Managing customers and clients across multiple geographies forces businesses to stay up to date with growing compliance and regulatory expectations. Successful enterprises need an automated system that reduces compliance risks, improves efficiencies and provides real-time visibility.

PRECISION Global Trade and Export Management provides organizations with the automated tools and software to simplify global transportation management processes using one centralized, cloud-connected system. From a single system, you gain complete visibility into the transportation process, mitigate any risks associated with compliance and efficiently screen potential customers, countries and shipping carriers. Move your shipments across borders without interruption and lower the total cost of ownership as you expand your network of suppliers, customers brokers and others.

PRECISION helps organizations minimize transportation costs by providing a unified system that allows for easy tracking, analyzing and managing all of your shipments. With PRECISION Global Trade and Export Management, your company can:

  • Integrate across customs authorities for electronic export declarations and produce required documents to support non-electronic filings
  • Validate and create all customs automated export systems filings
  • Meet industry compliance and verify customers and products before shipment
  • Automate documentation and customs reporting from one centralized, easy-to-use system
  • Reduce the risks and costs associated with exporting goods