Our software allows you to maintain high levels of service for your partners and customers. Organizations need a unified system that will allow them to streamline the global shipment management process while improving efficiencies to save money. With a centralized system, users can rate, route, produce labels and manage all levels of service for any mode of shipment while keeping up with customer demands and expectations.

PRECISION Multi-Carrier and Enterprise Shipping Software provides businesses with a global shipping solution designed to increase shipping efficiencies and centralize data for organization-wide visibility on a single platform. We provide businesses the control over all aspects of shipping needed and automates manual workflows to create a positive experience for your customers.

Precision Software integrates with your current business software and supports a number of origin countries with ongoing additions of carriers and countries to our network. With PRECISION Multi-Carrier and Enterprise Shipping Software, companies can:

  • Manage multiple means of transport, including transitions to alternate modes for the same shipment
  • Automate business rules and workflows to control multi-carrier and multi-modal shipping costs
  • Calculate a shipment’s true landed cost, including carrier surcharges, handling fees and duties
  • Regulate the production of transportation labels and documents, including error-free compliant international paperwork and manifests
  • Consolidate shipments that are going to the same ship-to or geographic area