Our solution provides real-time status update from the time of carrier pick-up through delivery to help you stay on top of packages to and from your customers. These updates allow you to immediately address any issues to get your delivery back on track.

PRECISION Package Exception Management (PEM) is your control center for single or multi-carrier package tracking in or out of your warehouse. Stay on top of deliveries to and from your customers using a single system, which provides real-time carrier status information and notifies you when a problem arises so you can quickly address any issues. PRECISION PEM can help you immediately address any issues with packages stuck in customs as well as delayed or damaged packages.

Regardless of how outbound and return shipments are being sent, PRECISION PEM gives you tracking visibility to be proactive with your shipping logistics. With PRECISION Package Exception Management organizations can:

  • Receive tracking status feeds directly from multiple carriers into a single system
  • Match shipments to shipping plans for event and exception management
  • Provide automated alerts to key personnel or other supply chain partners
  • Track outbound and inbound shipments associated with your carrier accounts
  • Know with certainty when packages are delivered and determine the best course-of-action to rectify problems before they affect your customer
  • Raise a tracer with your carrier and streamline the claims process
  • Integrate with any ERP, WMS or TMS system