Shipments Need to Stay On Schedule

The rising demand for international goods has increased the expectation that shipments will arrive on time and without issue. Businesses are focusing on maintaining an effective trade compliance program for all types of shipments, whether they be international, domestic, import or export. Additionally, changing regulatory requirements and compliance documentation rules make it difficult for businesses to keep up in today’s global business environment.

PRECISION Trade Compliance gives businesses three ways to manage trade compliance checks: ad-hoc, batch and transaction-based. Our software provides the tools needed to automate and audit processes to ensure due diligence with in-country regulatory programs or cross-border customs requirements, while offering flexible options to meet your company’s workflow needs. Precision Software helps manage shipments that require proper licensing and must meet strict guidelines in today’s security-conscious environment.

PRECISION helps organizations operate on their own terms while meeting customer expectations by:

  • Monitoring changes to trade regulations and published lists
  • Screening trading partners to avoid doing business with entities that appear on official lists
  • Identifying item license requirements and manage licenses by date, quantity and/or value
  • Managing data integrity and product-related compliance checks
  • Identifying compliance checks that were performed and the outcome of each of these checks
  • Creating a permanent audit trail of compliance results associated with a transaction