"How can we better serve our customers? That is the question that informs everything we do at QAD Precision. In every department — R&D, sales, pre-sales, marketing, professional services and support — our focus will always be our customers. Since our founding in 1984, we have developed in-depth expertise and unrivalled understanding of the industries we serve. I firmly believe that this commitment to our customers is what makes QAD Precision an industry-leading provider of global trade management, transportation execution and multi carrier shipping software solutions."


VP, Sales & Marketing

"At QAD Precision, we pride ourselves on our deep knowledge of the businesses and industries we support. We work with some of the largest and most complex organizations around the world. To best serve our customers, we work closely with them to understand their unique needs — as well as their customers’ needs — and facilitate orderly change across their enterprises. In this way, we ensure that each and every QAD Precision customer can leverage the full potential of our solutions to streamline their shipping operations, increase efficiencies and mitigate the risks associated with cross-border trade."


VP, Research & Development

"At QAD Precision, we are committed to our customers. As a result, we continually strive to improve and update our suite of global trade and transportation solutions. Most of our customers have complex shipping needs, and many are global enterprises with multi-regional, multi-currency and multilingual shipping requirements. At R&D our aim is to support them with solutions that are best-in-class in terms of functionality, usability and security, and that truly simplify cross-border trade."


VP, Consulting Services

"QAD Precision works with large and multinational enterprises, often with complex requirements and sites around the world. To ensure we can best serve our customers, the Consulting Services team are all highly-trained QAD Precision experts with an average of more than ten years’ experience. In addition, every QAD Precision consultant must gain authoritative knowledge of, and work according to, the latest technology and industry standards. The Consulting Services team aims to ensure on-time deployment and a faster realization of ROI for all of our customers. We do this by using best practices, proven processes and tools that are field-tested in the industry as well as offering expert guidance and advice."


HR Business Partner

"Every member of staff at QAD Precision — from our executive management to our graduate employees — brings skills, vision and energy to our company. We believe that every employee should be given the opportunity to develop their talents. Because of this, we have many highly experienced employees with decades of experience at QAD Precision. By giving our staff the chance to develop professionally and gain expertise in the industries we serve, we not only gain the best possible teams for all our departments, we have the best possible teams to serve our customers too."



“At QAD Precision, we believe it is not simply enough to help our customers manage their global trade activities or mitigate the risks associated with ever-increasing regulations and changes, but to turn Global Trade Management (GTM) into a real competitive advantage. At every point across the end-to-end movement of goods there are areas where leveraging technology, along with smart processes and strategic thinking, can increase efficiencies, minimize costs, streamline operations and help enterprises to become best-in-class GTM players.”