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With the industry’s most comprehensive carrier network, using QAD Precision means there are no barriers shipping to — or from — anywhere in the world.

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Harness our Unparalleled Network of Global Carriers


At QAD Precision, we’ve been building and maintaining relationships with carriers across more than 100 countries since 1984. Our extensive carrier management expertise not only gives you more options to choose from at every point along the shipping journey, but also makes onboarding of new carriers easy while keeping your operating costs down.

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Global network of +5,500 carrier services
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Direct injection
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Offered in +100 countries
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Easy carrier onboarding
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Global, regional and national carriers
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Remain carrier compliant
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Specialist routes and services
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Global support

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Ship from Anywhere


Anyone can ship from the US. But when you need to ship to or from any part of the world, you need a parcel shipping system that can reach even the most remote locations. With 29 support centers worldwide and deep EDI expertise to keep communication flowing, QAD Precision's single, unified system gives you access to thousands of last-mile carriers in more than 100 countries around the world that specialize in various regions, routes and specialities, so you can always choose the provider that’s best for you. Plus, direct injection ensures that you’ll retain carrier independence right up until delivery, with the ability to switch carriers across borders and at different points in the journey.

Easily Onboard Any Carrier


Regardless of carrier size or tech capabilities, QAD Precision makes onboarding simple and hassle-free, so it’s easy to manage rates, labels, end-of-day manifests and tracking. We work with a vast network of major carriers, regional carriers and even city couriers to provide you with tailored solutions that send your shipments to or from anywhere in the world. By offering both API integrations that ensure your carrier data is always up-to-date and on-premise integrations that easily connect with your existing host system, we can help you get up and running faster while keeping costs down.

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Keep Ongoing Carrier Operating Costs Down


Carriers big and small are constantly changing and expanding, and keeping up with these changes can get complex. QAD Precision takes responsibility for ensuring that you stay compliant with the carriers. It includes rates, routing codes, label formats and end of day transmissions, keeping your ongoing operating costs low compared to other providers.

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Become a QAD Precision Carrier Partner


Want access to the thousands of customers who run QAD Precision? Our Common Carrier Platform simplifies the onboarding process so that you can be up and running within minutes. Complete a simple form to join our multi carrier network and win business from large enterprises with no effort on your part by clicking here or call +1 312 239 1630.

Interested In Precision?

Harness a global carrier network, master global trade management and stay permanently proactive with QAD Precision. Call +1 312 239 1630 or contact us here.